The videos on some of our pages are hosted on Youtube and have been provided to us from various colleges and universities around the world. Since Youtube is only partially operational in Pakistan we have an easy fix for you to be able to view all of the content. This fix is required only for pages where you see this message at the top of the page and will take you only a few seconds to complete.

Should you still require assistance please feel free to visit the LMDC IT Department on campus at any time or contact us here.


To access those videos we will be using the ZenMate browser plugin.

STEP 1: Download the web browser extension directly from the Zenmate homepage. This plugin works with Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Apple iOS, & Android. We recommend that you please use one of these browsers for the best experience. If you do not have or need to download one of these browsers please view the download links at the bottom of this page.

STEP 2: After downloading ZenMate you will automatically be sent to the activation page (see picture 1*), you can also get there by left-clicking on the blue ZenMate icon which will pop up in the top-right corner of your browser window.  Simply click the large blue button ACTIVATE ZENMATE – No Sign Up Required as shown in the image below.

 (blue zenmate icon)

Picture 1* Activate ZenMate without log in

Thats it!: When you see the ZenMate icon in your web browser window is now green you are active and ready to go! Cant seem to get it to work? Please visit the IT Department on campus and they will set it up for you in seconds!

3* The icon is green and your ZenMate is active! 








Why do I need ZenMate?

We are proud to be partnered with many of the top medical and dental universities around the world who have been gracious to offer us video based content to share with students.

A small portion of their content is accessible via Youtube only – which as we all know only partially works in Pakistan due to govt. rules. ZenMate offers a quick, simple, and safe way for you to view these educational videos on the LMDC Digital Library website.

Is ZenMate needed for all LMDC digital library content?

Quick answer is no! ZenMate is only required for content provided to us that is Youtube based – only about 10% of our total digital library content.

If you visit a page and do not see any message on top of the page regarding “how to view” instructions then you can browse and watch immediately without the use of ZenMate.

If you visit a page and see the instructions above, then please use the ZenMate for that specific content.

Is ZenMate safe?

Yes! ZenMate is using superior technology to fully encrypt all of your browser traffic.

ZenMate creates a tunnel similar to a virtual private network (VPN) between your device and our Internet gateway. This secure tunnel prevents snoopers, hackers, governments and ISP’s from spying on your web browsing activities, sensitive personal information like credit card details or anything else you send over the network via your browser.

With ZenMate your IP is hidden, your Internet unrestricted and your privacy protected. We are using tested industrial strength encryption standards which we are delivering through our unique lightweight plugin, with no configuration needed at all.

Which browsers does ZenMate support?

We currently support* Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera as well as some other desktop browsers that are based on the Chromium Open Source Browser Project, e.g. SRWare Iron, Chromium and Comodo Dragon.

Is there any software to install to use ZenMate?

The ZenMate service is just a tiny and lightweight browser plugin. ZenMate is a 1-click install solution offering instant, hassle-free protection. You can download the plugin from the Chrome Web Store, the Mozilla Add-Ons Store or get the latest build directly from our Homepage.

We currently support Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera as well as some other desktop browsers that are based on the Chromium Open Source Browser Project, namely SRWare Iron, Chromium and Comodo Dragon.

Please make sure that you are using the latest browser version available as earlier versions can cause incompatibility issues.

We also provide mobile applications for phones and tablets running Android or iOS.

Can I use ZenMate on my phone or tablet?

Yes! We also provide mobile applications for phones and tablets running Android or iOS.

Do I always need to use ZenMate and have it active?

No! ZenMate is ONLY required for certain pages on the LMDC Digital Library website were content is provided via Youtube. Otherwise you do not need to use it for any other website or webpage.

I cannot see the ZenMate icon in my browsers tool-bar?

First of all, please go to the extensions/Add-Ons section in your browser settings and look for ZenMate (see pictures *1 and *2 below).

If you find the extension it is already installed on your browser.

For Chrome users:
In your browser’s extension settings you should be able to click on “Show icon” next to ZenMate, which will make the icon reappear in the tool bar.

For Firefox users:
Please click on the 3 stripes on the right-hand of your browser. There you will find the “+ Customize” Firefox option. When clicking on it, you should be able to see the ZenMate icon displayed on the left side. Now you can use your courser to pull the ZenMate icon to your browser tool bar, drag and drop it (see picture *3 below).

If you cannot find ZenMate in the list, please install it again directly from our homepage.

In this case please hard-refresh your webpage and try again and it should work right away.

In Google Chrome:

Hold down Ctrl and click the Reload button. (Windows)
Hold ⇧ Shift and click the Reload button. (Mac)

Mozilla Firefox and Related Browsers:

Hold the Ctrl key and press the F5 key. (Windows)
Hold down the ⇧ Shift and click the Reload button. (Mac)





Google Chrome (recommended)

FireFox (recommended)


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