New Medical & Dental Channels Added

February 16, 2016

We have just updated our library with 3 new video channels for medical and dental. In medical we have added the video channel for Dr Eric Strong. According to his site:

Educational videos on a variety of medical topics. We try to answer as many questions as we can when posted as video comments, so feel free to ask. Unfortunately, the current volume prevents us from guaranteeing everyone a timely response. If you see that someone else’s question is currently unanswered, and you feel relatively confident of the answer, please feel free to share your knowledge! Please show your support by subscribing, and by liking and sharing those videos you’ve found helpful. For legal reasons and out of common sense, we cannot dispense specific medical advice on here about an individual’s medical problems. It’s always best to consult a health care professional in person for any symptom or physical ailment. Use of the VA and Stanford logos in the earliest videos on the channel indicate Eric’s academic affiliation only, and does not imply that these videos are specifically endorsed or owned by either institution.


We have also added the full collection of Lecturio Medical Education Videos.  The Medical Education Videos channel is giving you the world’s best medical e-learning videos. Our video lectures cover all important medical topics–so you can prepare for exams and tests, refresh your knowledge about certain medical aspects and improve your medical career. We believe in improving medical education by creating high-class medical online courses. That’s why we have acquired worldwide leading medical experts and teaching award winners to bring their knowledge to your PC, tablet or smartphone. Improve your medical knowledge and check your progress with thousands of quiz questions customized to USLME standards and get in touch with our medical experts personally.


In our dental section we have added Dental Product Reviews – this channel covers the latest advancements in dental products and technologies and gives a brief review on their benefit and usage as a dental practitioner. This is a great resource to see technologies used in state of the art clinics across the world and how they help improve dental practices.

Please visit our medical and dental pages to view the new content along with 1000+ video tutorials, ebooks, and lectures.